About Tisha

Tisha_Bench-1_Web1Tisha Casida, a lifelong Coloradan, was baptized in the Arkansas River and raised on a small farm in Vineland, Colorado. She went on to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), where she studied business and political science, graduating with a dual major in 2005.

After returning to southern Colorado, she pursued her Masters in Business Administration from Colorado State University-Pueblo, graduating and starting her own small business – That’s Natural! Marketing & Consulting. She also has her Colorado real estate license that now hangs with The Land Company.

She has developed a reputation as a leader throughout Colorado, with a passion for agriculture and love for entrepreneurship. She is a former military wife and a strong supporter of our troops and our veterans.

Her interactions with thousands of customers and hundreds of small-business owners have given her the insight and tenacity to see real, positive, and actionable solutions in industries that affect the lives of Coloradans and Americans. In 2009, Tisha became concerned about the state of the economy and the eroding of civil liberties. She believes in both peace and prosperity for the generations of people who have worked hard, for those who have fought and died for our freedom, and for the next generation that deserves to live and work in a free and prosperous country.

Throughout her small business career, she has focused on bringing groups of people together based on free market activities that allow everyone to have a voice. In interactions with the various political parties, as well as the ignorance of those who refuse to listen to the voice of the next generation, she has decided to run as an Independent. Her belief is that we, as Coloradans, should exercise our own independent voices for what we believe in.